Luke Ryan

Professional Actor & Model

Luke Ryan has been acting and modeling since he was 6 years old, and has built an impressive resume including extensive commercial work.

In addition, Luke has performed in numerous television series, short films, and feature films - everything from principal roles to the lead role. Luke has a passion for acting and is wise beyond his years. And as incredible as he is on screen, he's also one of the nicest, most polite, easy going kids you'll ever meet - the kind any director would want on set. Luke is focused on his career, yet determined to remain grounded and will never let the industry change who he is inside - a compassionate, respectful, and totally down to earth boy - despite working with such big names in the industry such as Johnny Depp, Dakota Johnson and Arthur Wahlberg. He's also a huge country music fan, and a fantastic athlete, heavily involved in hockey and golf, and enjoys baseball, weight lifting, boxing, swimming, and anything on the beach.

Actor Reel


"It is sometimes a challenge for young actors to take direction perfectly and interpret a role well. This is not a problem for Luke. He is a joy and a privilege to have on set."

"A talent agency introduced me to Luke and that was the best investment I ever made. I got an incredible actor with amazing mannerisms, who greatly reduced my stress on set, my lead for my next film, 2 awesome bonuses - his brothers Shane and Cole, and lifelong friendships."

"Many young actors spend years taking acting classes and still don't possess the skill Luke brings to set -- he's a complete natural!"